Jun 15

Chateau Du Lac, Hudson QC

Jun 28

Cafe Campus, Montreal
Opening for Yester Daze

Meet this spirited quartet of musicians, masters of the 70s sound with a modern edge. With a fiery passion, they’ve revived the essence of that era, breathing life into classics by Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Foghat, Alan Parsons Project, Peter Frampton, and more. Gabriel commands the guitar and vocals and sometimes shares vocal harmonies with Juliano, a wizard on vocals and also shares duties on guitar, Luca holds the rhythm on drums, while Patrick mesmerizes on bass.


Their distinct sound resonates as they fearlessly tackle some of the era’s most intricate tracks. Already making waves on TikTok, their viral video captures the energy that’s catapulting them to coveted stages—venues usually reserved for seasoned acts. And yes, they have a devoted following!

Now’s the perfect time to experience their music; they’re embarking on songwriting ventures, promising a debut that’s eagerly awaited. Being there for a band’s inaugural song is always special, and with their originality and talent, this promises to be an electrifying ride worth joining!



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Fairhaven In Studio Session

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Private Events

Looking to infuse your private event with electrifying live music? Look no further than these four talented lads! With their mastery of 70s hits and a contemporary twist, they bring an irresistible energy to any occasion. From weddings to exclusive gatherings, their captivating performance style and diverse repertoire ensure an unforgettable experience. Let their passion for music elevate your private event into an immersive journey through the iconic sounds of the ’70s!


Prepare for a night of pulsating beats and iconic melodies with this dynamic quartet! Perfect for club dates and nightlife scenes, these four musicians command the stage with their electrifying rendition of ’70s classics infused with a modern twist. From high-energy performances to intimate club settings, they create an irresistible groove, keeping the audience on their feet and immersed in the music. Their versatile sound and infectious energy guarantee an unforgettable club experience, turning any night into a vibrant journey through the legendary sounds of the ’70s. Get ready to dance the night away and lose yourself in their captivating tunes!


Seeking to add a vibrant touch to your corporate event? This quartet of skilled musicians brings an electric atmosphere and a nostalgic yet modern sound to elevate your gathering. With a repertoire spanning the golden era of ’70s music, their performance adds a unique flair to corporate functions, conferences, and networking events. Experience their dynamic presence and versatile tunes, setting the stage for an engaging and memorable corporate affair. Let their fusion of passion and talent transform your event into an immersive journey through timeless melodies, tailored for your corporate audience.


This quartet of talented musicians brings a fresh yet nostalgic vibe, making them the perfect kickoff for any event. With their signature take on ’70s classics fused with contemporary flair, they ignite the crowd and set the tone for an unforgettable night. Whether it’s a concert, festival, or special event, their high-energy performance and diverse repertoire captivate audiences, priming them for an evening filled with excitement and musical brilliance. Let their passion and magnetic presence kickstart your event, leaving the audience wanting more and setting the bar high for what’s to come!


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